Product Quality & Safety are top concerns at Scarmardo Foods. We have in-house programs that ensure the products delivered to you are the safest and of the highest quality possible.

These programs include:

1. Multipoint Inspection Program – Our products are inspected at every transition of their procural, transportation, storage and distribution journey.

2. Our Growers/Suppliers are compliant with the highest standards of sanitation and handling procedures.

3. Our custom in house program to insure the temperature control, shipping and receiving documentation as well as a viable recall program is monitored and adjusted as required.

4. Extreme attention is given to, and every step documented to insure the produce is received, transported, stored, and delivered at the proper temperature to insure the safety and quality of all the Scarmardo Foods products.

5. We provide continuing education to the entire chain of foodservice operators to ensure they are well versed in the current technology and procedures for maintaining the products at their highest level of safety and quality.

6. Audits are conducted weekly by our management personnel, semi-annually by state and county health departments and annually by third party professionals.

7. Warehouse and trucking security programs are mandated and monitored 24/7 through personnel inspectors and Video Surveillance Cameras.

  • Tomatoes

  • Fresh Vegetables

  • Apple and oranges at the market stand